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We do have open rooms available.  We are able to accommodate scheduled and emergent admissions.  Please feel free to stop in or call us to set up a time to tour our wonderful facility. 

Yes, we give tours of our facility. You can either stop in at a time that is convenient for you or call us to schedule one.

You can find a map and driving directions to Lake Hallie Memory Care on our Find Us page.

Community Based Residential Facilities (CBRF's) are state licensed supportive living facilities where five or more unrelated adults reside. CBRFs can admit people of advanced age, persons with dementia, developmental disabilities, mental health problems, physical disabilities, traumatic brain injury, AIDS, Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse, correctional clients, pregnant women needing counseling and/or the terminally ill. Residents of a CBRF receive care, treatment and services that are above the level of room and board, but do not require more than three hours of nursing care per week per resident. CBRF's provide assisted living and health care services above normal room and board such as assistance with bathing, dressing, toileting, mobility, nutrition, medications, health monitoring, safety and security, socialization and companionship in an environment that promotes and enhances independence.  Our facility is licensed specifically for the Advanced Age/Irreversible Dementia/Alzheimer’s population.  We are experts in caring for the needs of that population.  We aren’t limited to providing care to Alzheimer’s, we serve the Advanced Age (Seniors) who choose to remain with their loved one during the progression of their disease.  We have suites in our facility to allow for them to remain together in their own room.

Yes, you are able to pick room of your choice from any of our available rooms. Things to consider when choosing a room may include: activity level around room, closeness to courtyards or dining rooms, amount of natural light that comes through the windows, as well as view outdoors.
Yes, you may have a lock placed on the outside of your loved one’s room for a small onetime cost. For safety reasons, staff will keep a key in a secured area.
Our facilities have two privately enclosed courtyards that offer tranquility and security to our residents. Access to courtyard is encouraged and monitored by staff to ensure resident’s safety. Activities conducted in the courtyards vary by season and are limited during winter months for safety reasons.

By definition, delayed egress locking devices are locking systems that prevent doors from opening up on the egress side. This type of device is commonly used in healthcare based on the clinical needs of the patients and to prevent elopement.

When someone attempts to operate an exit device or push open a door equipped with a delayed egress locking mechanism, an alarm sounds. The lock remains locked, preventing the door from opening, for a predetermined amount of time.

Staff receives an alert indicating location of the door alarm triggered via our technology they carry with them at all times. They are readily able to respond and reassure resident of their whereabouts, providing redirection and safety within the building.

Our facility has a staffing ratio of 1 caregiver per 6 residents. They are experts in engaging and reassuring residents who have the tendency to wander. While it simply isn’t possible to prevent the disease of dementia from stopping residents from wandering in and out of rooms, our ability to redirect is the cornerstone for prevention. Staff charting stations are also openly located at the corner of each neighborhood allowing our staff visual access to hallways leading to and from resident rooms. You may have a lock placed on the outside of your loved ones room for a small onetime fee. For safety reasons, staff will keep a key in a secured area. As in any facility where there is more than one resident living, carefully choosing what valuables and belongings you bring into the facility is appropriate. We encourage you to purchase renter’s insurance to cover the belongings. A record of belongings is obtained upon admission and kept in your loved one’s chart.
We are a smoke and tobacco free facility. Many fires in health care facilities have been started by people violating smoking regulations. Smoking or any tobacco use on facility grounds is strictly prohibited.
Flu shots, as well as other vaccines, are available in-house. Our facility has also teamed up with an outside agency to come into our facility to provide medical services that include podiatry, ophthalmology, audiology, dentistry.
A health assessment is a plan of care that identifies the specific needs of the potential resident and how those needs will be addressed by our facility. There is no cost for your loved one to receive a health assessment from one of our staff, all assessments are performed free of charge or commitment on your end.

Physical, mental, social, or psychiatric needs may become incompatible with the client group or with the care, treatment, or services provided by our facility. Discharge will occur after trying all possible interventions first. Our Administrator and Care Team will work with you closely to ensure a smooth transition to the best possible placement for your loved one. The facility shall give a 30 day written advance notice to the resident and their responsible party.

In an emergent discharge, the resident would be discharged from the facility without a 30 notice because of a resident’s unanticipated hospitalization or situation that creates an imminent risk of serious harm to the health and safety of the resident, other residents, or staff members.

Yes, we offer respite options to help with a transition to moving in or simply a well-deserved caregiver respite. We offer a minimum stay of 3 days up to 28 days maximum as a respite stay. Often times, a respite stay will help you and your loved one decide if the timing of a move to a more assisted setting is the right thing for you and your family. We participate collaboratively with the local Hospice programs. The transition to Hospice doesn’t necessarily require a move out from our facility. We are here to support and care for your loved one and family through all stages of the disease.
No, your loved one will not have to leave our facility if they go onto a Hospice program. Our facility has teamed up with local Hospice organizations. We bring high quality care into the very place each resident feels most comfortable and secure: their home.
We have RN’s on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our nurses complete in-house visits throughout our different facilities during the week.

We have a regional Medical Consultant, Dr. Joe Coppola, D.O. As a physician for the past 35 years, he is pleased to provide the oversight of the coordination of direct care services in our Memory Care Partners, LLC facilities. His main objective is to serve as a partner with you in each resident’s care plan.

Our staff to resident ratio is extremely high. We base it on the acuity level of the residents in each neighborhood. One caregiver per six residents is common.

Our staff is highly trained. Every one of our colleagues, no matter the department, are all State certified in Fire Safety, Standard Precautions, and First Aide.  Our medication passers also take a State certification class and exam before they can pass medications. We have an extensive in-house training program (EAP – Employee Advancement Program) for all of our employees to go through in their first 90 days of employment as well as on-going training and in-services.  All employees receive focused training for Dementia/Alzheimer’s.

We have a base rent rate which reflects the room and board and essential basic cares common for the population we serve. Each individual has unique needs and our care plans and staffing revolve around those needs.  To ensure optimal care for your loved one, one of our Resident Health Coordinators will perform an assessment of your loved ones’ needs. Based off of this assessment, we calculate the care level your loved one will need. The care level is added to the base rate to make up the total overall monthly rate for your loved one.

We encourage you to contact the local ADRC (Aging and Disability Resource Center) to qualify for financial assistance.  The timing for the assistance does vary therefore, we suggest contacting the ADRC when your loved one has about two-three month’s liquid funds to cover their monthly costs.  

You will want to contact the ADRC regarding state funding that could be available for your loved one. For private long term care insurance companies, please contact their customer service departments to see how your loved one’s plan is set up.  Residence in a Community Based Residential Facility (CBRF) is not a covered benefit under Medicare.  We work closely with the Managed Care organizations to ensure your loved one is able to stay in the setting of their choice.

Thirty days after your loved one is with us, we will want to meet with you to hold a care conference to see if their care level needs have changed and if there is a reflection to be made in their cost of living within our facility.  After the initial care conference, we will then meet with you every six months. 

Yes, we have a variety of local religious personnel come in from the community to worship with our residents on a regular basis, as well as church youth groups. We welcome all views that would benefit the spirituality of your loved one.

Our resident ages vary, as well as their levels of Dementia. More importantly, our facility’s philosophy is to provide a home-like environment and to keep each resident as dignified and independent as possible, while maintaining a feeling of safety and security.

There may be an adjustment period.  We tailor to the individual’s needs to reassure that person is provided with a home-like environment that assures each resident to remain as dignified and independent as possible.  Our joy comes from them gaining the feeling of home and the subsequent comfort and calmness as they accept their new surroundings.  

Yes, our residents are able to participate in community outings.

We currently do not, however that does not stop us from participating in outings with our residents.   We work with local transportation companies for transportation arrangements.  Our staff will coordinate for your loved one rides if needed for appointments as requested.

Local transportation companies are used to transport your loved one to and from their doctor appointments. We can either set up transportation for your loved one or provide you with the contact number of these companies. 

We have numerous community volunteers visit our facility on weekly basis. Musicians, church groups, story tellers, pet therapy visits, even local dance studio performances. Our Life Enrichment Department also holds bowling competitions, Bible Studies, knitting and Crochet clubs, manicures, Wii games, assorted card and dice games, arts & crafts, and so much more.  We have even teamed up with a local school, as well as the local Humane Associations to give back to our community. Our activities run from about 9 am until 8:00 pm daily. 

Yes, you certainly can take your loved one out for an hour, the day, or even overnight.  Please be sure to sign your loved one out at our front desk, and give our staff a heads up if you are planning on taking your loved one out of the facility. We will gather any medications that may need to accompany them.

We do not have restricted visiting hours. You are able to visit your loved one at any time, as often as you would like. Immediate family members will be given key fobs for entering and exiting our building. 

Residents may invite family members and friends to stay for a meal. There is a nominal cost per guest. Breakfast: $4.00, Lunch: $6.00, and Supper: $5.00. Please let us know as soon as possible if you will be staying for a meal to ensure that we have prepared enough food.  Check in with our Customer Service Representative at the front desk for the tickets for meals.

Yes, of course. Our facility has a large Bistro room families can utilize for gatherings. If you wish to reserve it for a gathering, please let our Administration staff know.  There is no charge for you to use the area.  

A weeks’ worth of outfits should be sufficient. Staff will assist your loved one in ensuring they have washed and clean clothes to wear.  You’ll want to change out the clothing for the Season’s as needed.

Family will need to supply their loved one’s personal hygiene products. If your loved one wears incontinent products, please bring in a month’s supply at a time.  An added service is available where we can order them for you and bill you on your monthly invoice.  We also coordinate the supplies covered by your insurance if applicable.  

In order to make your living accommodations more comfortable, we encourage you to decorate with personal items. We encourage you to bring any of your personal furniture. 

Each resident room will be supplied with a dresser and/or armoire with drawers, night stand, standard twin bed with bedding, and a side chair. Your loved one is more than welcome to bring furniture from their home instead of using the furniture from the facility.

In order to make your living accommodations more comfortable, we encourage you to decorate with personal items. Feel free to hang personal pictures on the wall. Any item requiring a heavier hanger should be performed by our maintenance staff. Just let us know what and where you would like it placed. 

Our residents receive a personalized service plan designed to meet their individual needs and preferences, while encouraging independence and well-being.  Routines are especially important for persons with dementia.  Our care plans provide consistency for their daily routines.  

All resident rooms are pre-wired for cable television.  We provide basic TV channels in the common areas of the building (i.e., Bistro, Dining Rooms, and Living Rooms).  If a resident wishes to have basic cable or extended channels in their rooms the cost will be at the Resident’s personal expense.  If the decision is made not to have a television in your loved one’s room, each of our living rooms, as well as our Bistro area, have a large screen television with extended channels available for your loved one to enjoy.

Residents may have their own phone installed by calling the local telephone service at the Resident’s personal expense. Phone jacks have been installed in all of our resident’s rooms. If the decision is made not to have a telephone in your loved one’s room, we do offer a house phone for residents to use.

We recognize the value of pets and the well-being of our residents with this friendship. Although pets are not allowed to live in our residents rooms, they are more than welcome to come for visits. Check with the Administration prior to any visits.  We also participate in pet therapy, and have dogs, cats, and yes, even a horse, visit with our residents. 

Our residents may use alcoholic beverages if their physician prescribes and approves it for therapeutic purposes.  

Personal refrigerators are allowable. Snacks can be stored in your room, but please do not use them as a substitution for meals. Make sure that snacks are properly sealed and eaten before they spoil. 

We have an excellent life enrichment programming with day and evening activities available for your loved one to participate in.  We incorporate music your loved one enjoys for a calming addition to their days.  Routines and predictability of our staff and their consistent responses all minimize behavioral difficulties.  Our staff is specially trained in working with those that have dementia and Alzheimer’s. 

Yes, we offer a wide variety of day and evening recreational and educational programming.  All activities are available for your loved one to participate in.  It is the goal of our life enrichment program to allow each resident to continue finding pleasure and success in their daily lives, regardless of their physical capabilities. In addition, special events and community trips are offered. Please be sure to check out our weekly Activities calendar on our website.