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Un-censored phone survey results gathered from our residents’ families regarding the care their loved one receives at our facility.  Positive feedback is our reward for a job well done.  We’re thankful for the opportunity to care for their loved ones.  Feel free to contact us if you have questions on how we can assist you or your loved one.

"Really Great…such a relief to the family to know she is so well cared for...I know that [Resident] can sometimes give them a hard time, but the caregivers are just wonderful with her." - Resident’s Family


"We love having her there…she is very active and the Life Enrichment Staff make her feel that she works there and is in charge of stuff…[Resident] is quoted as saying "everybody likes me here and and nobody yells at me. Family member did mention finding her in her room about 4 times recently while activities were going on and wanted to remind us to encourage [Resident] to get out of her room and participate. Family member concluded by saying 'we wouldn't think of moving her’" - Resident’s Family


"Things are going well and she is always kept informed...did mention a missing wheelchair, I talked with Assistant Administrator and she is on it." - Resident’s Family


"Really great…nurses are so nice to him...he enjoys it there." - Resident’s Family


"...communication is very important and so far it has been very good." - Resident’s Family


"Going quite well…very satisfied...sometimes she complains about the food...she's a farm girl and is used to big meals...sometimes has to wait too long to get help to the bathroom at night...we discussed ways we may be able to be more attentive to that?" - Resident’s Family


"Very happy and relieved to have them with us...talked to RHC about getting mom out to Walmart once in a while ...she is very pleased and may need some help from Business Operations Coordinator as she is applying for Veterans Benefits for both of them..." - Resident’s Family

"No problems." - Resident’s Family


"Very happy, staff is quite nice...beautiful building...she is very well cared for...always neat and clean and staff really; she did have a good suggestion to consider. She said that sometimes she gets a call to sign something, but usually can't visit until the evening (7ish) and there usually is no one at the front desk...wondering about a bell or buzzer that could alert someone in the quads that someone needs help at the desk? Wondered about weekend coverage in the same way." - Resident’s Family


"I like the staff very much...[Resident] is a card and the staff does a good job bantering with her. She is delighted with her care and feels she can grab anyone to ask about how [Resident] is doing and they have answers. She did have one very specific request and said it applies to everyone not anyone specific person. When she gets calls about health concerns about [Resident], most of the time it is not complete or specific. She contrasted it with the nurse from Hospice who visits [Resident] and then calls [family member] and gives her very specific and complete information. [Family member] has to convey information to other family members and finds herself often missing some important details. I suggested that perhaps an email follow up to the phone call may help and she agreed. She does like the calls, but need all the specific information." - Resident’s Family


"She's doing okay...wondered if she was getting enough water and suggested we go beyond making it available to suggesting she drink more." - Resident’s Family


"Love it...very happy...getting very good care... delighted" - Resident’s Family


"Delighted…like the way he is treated...can talk at length with staff and get good answers...cooperative and fun staff; just wish dad was doing better; he wants to go home...but really doesn't know where that even is." - Resident’s Family